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Experience top-caliber engine & transmission rebuild services with BH Diesel Service. Our team is certified and trained to handle anything diesel truck-related. We can rebuild your truck’s engine and transmission regardless of its make and model. Rest assured that our service mechanics can deliver top-quality service — allowing you to leave our shop with confidence that your diesel truck received the best care.

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Why You Should Rebuild Your Engine & Transmission

When your engine and transmission start to fail, your first thought may be is to replace them both. However, there is a better option — scheduling an engine & transmission rebuild with BH Diesel Service.

Rebuilding your engine & transmission is way less expensive than getting new components. The thing is, even if they show signs of damage and wear, your engine & transmission are not totally ruined. There are still parts of them that can still be saved. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your engine & transmission to identify which parts need to be repaired, refurbished, or completely replaced.

What’s more, BH Diesel Service offers one of the most competitively priced engine & transmission rebuilds in Colorado Springs. You can get your damaged engine & transmission rebuilt without spending too much — giving you access to outstanding professional services while keeping the costs down.

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Trusted Engine & Transmission Rebuild Experts

When it comes to engine & transmission rebuild, trust only the automotive experts at BH Diesel Service. All of our expertly trained service technicians are capable of delivering high-quality service whatever make and model your truck is. By trusting services, we guarantee that we will rebuild your engine & transmission with utmost precision so that they can run like new again.

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